Monday, 26 May 2014

Angry Birds Twister Game

Whilst researching ideas for an Angry Birds party, I was inspired to try this fantastic idea - converting a standard Twister mat into an Angry Birds Twister mat!

There are numerous free printable templates online of the Angry Bird characters, and after a lot of searching I decided to use these:

For the birds' faces, I printed each one 6 times, and for the pigs, I printed King Pig 5 times and Foreman (moustache) Pig once.

After cutting them all out, I laid them onto the Twister mat to see how they looked, and decided to have them all facing the same way.

Next, I started placing each of the faces (right side down) carefully onto clear sticky-back plastic (contact paper).

Then I cut around them, leaving a 10 mm edge all the way around, and started sticking them in place on the mat, making sure they were all pressed down firmly. Using sticky-back plastic means they can easily be removed again after use.

For the pigs faces, I cut around the nose, eyes and mouth as one part, and cut the eyebrows out separately. I changed the position of some of the eyebrows to give the pigs varied expressions, and I added one crown for King Pig.

It looks great! And hopefully it'll survive the party!