Monday, 18 August 2014

DIY Display Shelf

I'd been looking to buy a small display shelf for some time; something to display my teapot boxes on, but I couldn't find anything suitable. In my mind's eye, I knew exactly what I wanted - something similar to a mini bookcase - so what did I do?

Of course, I made one!

And the best thing about this make, is that it cost me nothing, as I was able to reuse items and materials that I already had around the house.

So here's how I made it...

The entire structure of the display shelf was made using two box files.

I cut the front panels off with a sharp knife, then, using a screwdriver and a hammer, I carefully removed all of the fixings. I then glued and taped the two box files together. (Any holes that were left after removing the fixings I covered with a layer of tape.)

Next, I measured and cut out four shelves (two pairs) from the front panels using a sharp knife. I made sure that these would sit flush to the two sides. I stuck each pair of shelves together to make double the thickness then covered them with white wood-effect sticky-back plastic.

To add detail to the top, I also cut out a wavy line piece from the front panel, and covered it with the plastic. It sits flush and will be glued into place later.

I then covered the boxes with the white wood-effect sticky-back plastic. This can prove a little tricky, particularly in the corners, but it was worth the effort as it looks and feels stunning! (If you don't fancy the challenge of using sticky-back plastic, then spray painting it is an option, although the finish on the raw edges may not look so good.)

To keep the shelves in place, I cut out four small strips from one of the front panels, and covered these with the sticky-back plastic.

I stuck them in place on the two sides making sure they were straight and evenly spaced. I then rested the shelves on top of them (without glue) which then allows me to remove them if i wish to display something taller or to add a patterned backing paper.


So here it is finished. I really love how it looks, and it displays my teapot boxes perfectly.

And yes, not satisfied with making just one, I went ahead and made another one! Although this one has now been taken over by my son's collection of loom band bracelets!