Sunday, 2 August 2015

Minion Teapot Box

I was recently asked if I could make one of my teapot boxes in the style of a minion. It was for a friend's birthday party (based on favourite film characters) so how could I refuse?

An image of the finished teapot came instantly to mind, and so I set to work straight away, sketching how it would look.

The obvious starting point was the colour for the actual teapot. I chose a deep yellow cardstock, and using my template at 120% the main structure was soon created.

I added black ribbon to the base of the lid, making sure the raw edges were at the front (to be hidden later under the eye), and glued a few thin strands of black card (hair) to the top.

For the dungarees, I printed out a blue denim image and cut it to fit around the teapot base. I added two denim straps over the arms (handle and spout) and a pocket for the front. I drew on the buttons and the pocket logo and added some orange stitching for detail.

Now for the eye... What to use? At first I considered creating one totally out of card. But why bother, I thought, when a plastic bottle top would do!

After finding one the right size, I sprayed it silver and glued a printed (minion) eye to the inside. I then cut out a circle of silver card to cover the front, and glued a small circle of acetate to the inside. I then glued the finished eye to the front of the lid, making sure that the ribbon ran through the centre.

A little drawn on smile, and my minion teapot was complete!

It made me think that I could now create almost any kind of novelty teapot using my template - film characters included! My favourite so far though still has to be my Dr Who TARDIS teapot.

I wonder what I'll be creating next... maybe a two-eyed minion?

If you have been inspired to make your own little teapot boxes - for whatever occasion, and in any style - please visit my Etsy shop where you will find my PDF template. I would love to see what you create using it!