Monday, 12 March 2018

Lindor Wrapper Bag

You may already know, from some of my previous posts, that I love to upcycle. I hate throwing things away that I might find useful one day, and food packaging is one of the things that I love to hold on to. Although a lot of food packaging can be sent away for recycling now, so much of it still can't, and so I love the idea of creating an item out of something that might otherwise be thrown away as rubbish.

So here is my latest creation - a small bag, or purse, created out of Lindor chocolate wrappers.

I had a little help with collecting the wrappers (I didn't eat all of them myself!) and the whole thing took about two months to make. The chocolate brown zip I repurposed from an old handbag, and I think the dark colour really complements the vividness of the wrappers.

I absolutely love it, and will definitely be collecting more of these wrappers to see what else I can create out of them.