Sunday, 26 October 2014

Snakes in Baskets

Loom band snakes are starting to take over my house! These cute little creations are so quick and easy to make (following this tutorial), and since we have so many of them, we decided to think of something creative to do with them.

First, we gave them all names and created individual characteristics for them. We then used this information to make some ID tags. We then thought about a place to keep them, and a basket seemed an obvious choice.

As an avid recycler, I already had a collection of empty yoghurt pots that were perfect for the job!

I started by cutting the lip off to make the top completely circular. I then covered it with brown wool, ribbon and ric-rac, secured into place with strong glue. A length of wool tied around it holds the ID tag in place.

Snakes in baskets have without a doubt been my most popular makes this year. The quirkier the better, I say!