Saturday, 25 April 2015

Altered Tin Design

Over the last few months, I've been making a collection of small (throat pastille) tins - not wanting to throw them away, but not really knowing what to do with them. 

After spending some time on Pinterest recently, I found myself suddenly immersed into the world of altered tin designs, and I knew what I had to do!

I couldn't wait to get started! This is my first one, combining steampunk and vintage design.

I used a textured paper to cover the outside of the tin, and after inking the edges, I applied a little antique gold Rub n Buff to enhance the detail.

All of the other materials I used are repurposed, having been taken off of something else.

I am thrilled with the result, particularly the little silver (bead) feet on the base.

I can't wait to start making more of these - the design possiblities are endless!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Steampunk Box

Believe it or not, this beautiful little steampunk box started life as a Pringles tube.

I absolutely love it! It reminds me of a mini top hat box, with it's surprising purple lining!

I am definitely making more of these! Perfect for jewellery storage.

Steampunk Tea Set

I really enjoy working with steampunk designs, and here is my latest steampunk teapot and teacup. 

Similar to my previous design, this set has the keyhole in the teacup, and I've added what looks like a belt around the teapot lid.

The teacup and saucer also have smaller belts added on to give detail.