Monday, 11 January 2016

Altered Tin Design

This was a challenge: what could I create using the remains of some Christmas crackers?

They were too beautifully patterned to throw away, so I started thinking, and decided to try another altered tin design.

And here is the result!

With the addition of some paper flowers, a small key, a paper doily, some small faux pearls and a printed image of a pocket watch, the theme I was trying to go for was Victorian Music Hall. 

I was particularly inspired by this image from City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds.

It would be lovely to use this tin to keep theatre tickets in.

The card was quite thick so I had to separate the layers, and because the top layer was already coated it didn't tear.

I love the shine on the finished item. The coating on the card was already quite shiny, but with the addition of several layers of PVA glue it really sparkles now!