Thursday, 31 October 2013

Steampunk Wedding Card

Recently, I was invited to a steampunk wedding, and I really wanted to create a card to fit in with the day's theme. Prior to this, I had very little knowledge of anything to do with steampunk, so I did some research, and hopefully the resulting card didn't look too out of place!

I printed the two keys on the front, cut them out and covered them with a thin layer of 3D Clear Gloss Finish.

I added another key to the inside, and raised the steampunk tag slightly (on two strips of thin card) so that a gift card could be slipped underneath.

Note to self: Do more research involving Nathan Fillion as Castle!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sweet Teapot!

I love this teapot box, and the memories it evokes of the summer just gone...

So, will it be filled with strawberry candy or sweet biscuit treats?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Miniature Teacup Box

Having made so many teapots, of varying colours and patterns, I decided it was time to try to make a teacup box to compliment them. And I found the perfect one - in the shape of the 'A Cuppa' template from Hot Off The Press. The size of the teacup was almost exactly what I wanted, making my teapot look like a one-cup teapot.

However, not satisfied with just creating the normal size teacup, I experimented a bit and reduced the template in size to make a miniature teacup.

I love it! It's so cute, and it kept it's shape perfectly.

Here are the two teacups together, and one with the teapot, to show the difference in size.

Now, what about a miniature teapot...?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

DIY Evil Queen Crown

OK, so this isn't in any way a gift box or a gift, but I wanted to show this tutorial in case anyone else wanted to create one.

An Evil Queen costume is nowhere near complete without an evil-looking crown, and as I couldn't find one that I really liked, I chose to make one myself.

Starting with 2 strips of black cardstock (250gsm recommended), 3cm wide, I glued the ends together so that it was big enough to sit on the crown of my head.

I created a template for the next part, cutting out 6 small 'spikes' out of black cardstock, and 1 slightly taller 'spike' for the front:

Using PVA glue, I attached each 'spike' to the crown as shown, making sure they were all evenly spaced.

To the front, I glued on an extra piece of black cardstock (using the following template) to represent the familiar widow's peak.

I then carefully drew a pattern all the way around the crown using 3D Clear Gloss Finish, making sure to seal all of the joins.

To give it an aged metal look, I lightly applied silver ink to each of the edges and quickly blended it in with a sponge before it dried.

Finally, to add some sparkle, I added several black and silver jewels to the front, and sprayed the whole crown with Spray and Shine.

The finished crown. I hope you like it, and are inspired to create your own! If, however, you prefer to use an actual template, you can find one that I designed in my Etsy store.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Candy Wrapper Crafts

Over the past few months I've been experimenting with a variety of different crafts, and I absolutely love this one. I never knew that sweet papers and crisp wrappers could be used to create such wonderful pieces.

Here are a few of my favourite creations ...